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VICtape Computing

VICtape Computing was a British computing magazine covering the Commodore VIC computer, published in 1980s.
Date Published
VICTape Computing - Issue 10 (1985-05)(Argus Press Software)(GB)
Topics: argus, software, press, copyright, nemesis, victape, programs, renumber, contents, rights, argus...
VICTape Computing - Issue 08 (1985-01)(Argus Press Software)(GB)
Topics: loaded, auithe, pressins, prosrams, ouesnons, jje, disassembler, userfile, gompt, edi
VICTape Computing - Issue 09 (1985-03)(Argus Press Software)(GB)
Topics: argus, software, press, games, viqape, return, duo, copyright, collector, rights, press software,...
VICTape Computing - Issue 04 (1984-05)(Argus Press Software)(GB)
Topic: asp
VICTape Computing - Issue 05 (1984-07)(Argus Press Software)(GB)
Topics: idscratchers, victape
VICTape Computing - Issue 03 (1984-03)(Argus Press Software)(GB)
Topics: lurker, demor, forrr, tne, headscratchers, shoulc, tare, filename, wma, victape